Vintage - VJ74 ProShop Unique - Surf Green


Nuovo prodotto

Basso elettrico 4 corde ProShop Series

Compresa di Custodia GigBag Vintage original e Tracolla Vintage original

Compreso di Certificato di Autenticità firmato, che ne attesta l'Unicità dello strumento

Il certificato attesta che la chitarra ProShop Unique vintage è uno strumento autentico, uno di uno 
strumento del meglio fabbricato nel ProShop, Garforth, Leeds, Inghilterra

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With an awesome Surf Green finish, the Vintage VJ74 ProShop Unique, looks like it’s been providing the thunderous low end of a band’s rhythm section for decades. There’s a solid punchy feel and look about the VJ74, with a definite workhorse aura that says it’s also been well played and well loved over the years.

Formerly a VJ74MRSSB from the ever-popular Vintage ICON series of high quality bass guitars, VJ74 ProShop Unique has also had the ‘magical wear and tear treatment’ from the Vintage ProShop design team. The original Sunset Sunburst finish has been over spayed with a blue cellulose finish, yellowed with an additional amber cellulose, then heated and cooled with freezer spray to create an incredibly authentic soft-relic appearance.  

The neck is sleek, fast and carefully aged, and for that unmistakable killer look, along with the headstock, is also sealed with a cellulose amber coating.

It’s the fine details like the rusty hue and dirt build up on the machine heads, control panel, bridge and saddles that qualify the Vintage VJ74 ProShop Unique ~ Surf Green, as another hand-created one-offultra-realistic, ‘well loved, well played’ 4 string bass guitar from the Vintage ProShop Team.

The Bass has received a full Proshop set-up.

Vintage ProShop Set-Up includes;

  • Fret-level, crown and polish.
  • Fingerboard dress and comfort treatment.
  • Truss rod adjustment and set.
  • Action height, radius, intonation and pickup height adjustment.
  • Nut slot regulation.

Bass specifications:

Alder body provides resonance, tone and ‘correct weight’ comfort, enhanced with correctly radiused contoured body.

Hard Maple bolt on neck for instant comfort, speed, accuracy and great feel.

20 Medium profile frets add to comfort, accuracy and overall positive feel of the Vintage VJ74.

39mm friction free bone.

Wilkinson three saddle compensated brass bridge provides improved intonation all over the fretboard.

Machine heads:
Wilkinson WJBL200 ensure smooth and stable tuning.

Two Wilkinson WOJB (N), WOJB (B) single coil pickups for ultimate clarity and articulation.

Two Volume and one tone.

Classic Vintage headstock design for balance and visual appeal.